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Les Aakre

Agricultural Sales Representative

  • Winona State University
  • 50 years experience in agriculture


Les Aakre knows the farming business. He began his career as a dairy farmer in Southern Minnesota. After two farm accidents, which led to physical limitations, he sold his dairy business, remained on the farm, and went into agricultural seed sales and never looked back. Les has enjoyed his 50 years in the agricultural business and working with farmers throughout the US is still his passion. He has built trust with customers through generations of family farming.

Les specializes in small seed, particularly alfalfa, and he loves to share his knowledge with clients as a seed-business veteran. He began as the District Sales Manager with Payco Seeds in 1978 and advanced in his career working in alfalfa, soybean and forage sales at various companies until he joined Twin City Seed in 2011. Les introduced Twin City Seed to the agricultural side of the market and with the team at TCS, it has grown significantly. Les can help you find the disease-resistance packages in your area, the seeding rate for a product and anything and everything else you may need.

Les loves speaking with his customers and helping them problem solve and develop their own seed-mix recipes. And they love asking him his advice. According to Les, most of the time his customers already know the answer, they just need someone knowledgeable to listen, to verify and say Amen. There is nothing Les loves more!


Most of my advice is technical advice and specific to the customer. What I can say is let’s talk about disease-resistant packages in your area. Everybody has their own recipe and I can help you find the optimal mix for your needs.