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Fine Fescues are standard turfgrasses that are bunching and perennial. This variety of fescue is often part of a grass mixture to create a northern shade-tolerant grass that has low moisture and fertilizer needs. The grass stays green all year long in most regions and is drought tolerant. Twin City Seed offers a wide variety of Fine Fescue including: Creeping Red Fescue (strong), Creeping Red Fescue (slender), Chewings Fescue, Hard Fescue and Sheep Fescue.

  • ECO SEED™ (Low Grow Fescue) Mix

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    Bighorn GT Hard Fescue

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  • Seabreeze Creeping Red Fescue (Slender)

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  • Celestial Creeping Red Fescue (Strong)

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